4 good reasons

to exhibit at Cremona Musica International Exhibitions

High qualified and very intersted public

From the analysis of the categories, we can say that the number of visitors is
composed for a big part by musicians (professionals, amateurs,
music lovers, students, representatives of schools of music and associations). These 6 categories
represent the 36% of visitors that together with the 4% of the trade means
that the exhibitors of Cremona Musica always get in touch with a qualified and
very interested public.

An internationalized exhibition!

Cremona Musica is one of the most internationalized exhibitions. We could reach this result thanks to the continuous international promotion done by CremonaFiere: presentations to the major foreign markets, targeted communications to international professionals, relationships with important musical institutions and an high level buyer program.

Cremona Musica is known at global level

The figures related to the provenance of foreign visitors confirms that the public of Cremona Musica come from the 3 most important continents for the music sector. This means that the exhibition is well know at global level, and recognized by the professionals as the world wide most important marketplace.

Professional and amateur musicians will meet in Cremona!

The interest in the exhibitions is confirmed also by one of the most significant category of visitors: the musicians. If we analyze the professional musicians category, we find out that 56% of them are stringed instruments players. The percentage of amateur musicians is distributed among the different instruments, this means that Cremona Musica is focused on professional but also on amateurs: a very interesting market share of the field.

Professional musicians

Amateur musicians

The intense communication activities and the results achieved

The figures of the 2019 press review confirm that the exhibitions get a lot of attention from the media. A big part of the releases are from
the web; this is very important because today a lot of people get information through the internet, so it is fundamental to be present on
the main and most followed online channels. Also the number of newspapers and generic magazines is growing, thank to the rich program of the exhibitions, which gets the attention also of a non professional public.