Yamaha Piano Discovery: Paolo Alderighi and Stephanie Trick

WHERE: Stradivari Conference Room
WHEN: 1st October | 11:30 am
ORGANIZATION: Yamaha Music Europe – Branch Italy

Paolo Alderighi and Stephanie Trick met in 2008 on the occasion of Boswil piano festival (Switzerland) and started to cooperate in 2010 for a project dedicated to classical jazz with the original arrangements of the Swing Era, Ragtime, Blues and Stride Piano. Two for One is the title of the first CD they recorded together in 2012, following which they have been invited to different jazz festivals in America, Europe and Japan. Their second joint CD, Sentimental Journey (2014), shows their commitment in four-handed pieces, very common in classical music but quite rare for jazz. They recently published two new CDs, Double Trio Live (2015) and Double Trio Always (2016), with the classical organic jazz trio (piano, double-bass and drums) but with two pianists instead of one. They performed in several festivals, among others: San Diego Jazz Festival, Sacramento Music Festival, Dixieland Jazz Festival in Monterey, West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento, Jazz at Filoli, Kobe Jazz Street Festival in Japan, Jazz & Blues Festival in Edinburgh, Jazz Festival in Dresden, Riverboat Jazz Festival in Silkeborg, London Jazz Festival and London Steinway Festival, Ascona Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Bohm Ragtime & Jazz Festival in Kecskemt in Hungary. They also performed at the Theatre Dal Verme in Milan, at the Jazzland in Vienna, at the Jazz Bistro of Toronto, the Pizza Express in London, the MIM in Phoenix and several other jazz clubs.