Trumpet Masterclass / Concert: Nello Salza

WHERE: Guarneri del Gesù Conference Room
WHEN: 1st October | 3:00 pm
ORGANIZATION: Accademia Italiana del Clarinetto

Nello Salza

Nello Salza was born in Sutri and studied at S.Cecilia coservatory in Rome under the guidance of Maestro Leonardo Nicosia and Maestro Biagio Bartiloro. He is very popular since he has played soundtracks by great composers like Ennio Morricone and Nicola Piovani. His career started at San Carlo Theater in Neaples and at the Opera Theatre in Rome. He performed in 250 soundtracks of international movies with Ennio Morricone and recorded over 400 soundtracks as solo trumpet. He performed with other artists like: Nicola Piovani, Luis Bacalov and Riz Ortolani and performed solo in legendary films such as: Life is Beautiful, Cinema Paradiso, The Legend of 1900, the Untouchables, Once Upon a Time in America and the Hateful Eight. He is worldwide popular as the trumpet of the Italian cinema and he was awarded with two Oscars for Life is Beautiful and The Hateful Eight. He won several international competitions and two national competitions for music teaching in conservatories. He worked with several important artists, like: Baglioni, Mina, Zucchero, Max Gazzè, Modugno, Pavarotti and Bocelli