Italian Clarinet Academy Young: Clarinettisti Anonimi

Clarinettisti Anonimi is a group founded in January 2012 within the musical Academy “Riccardo Mosca” of Palazzolo sull’Oglio (BS) and currently consisting of 9 members, among which the students of the above mentioned Academy and the two professors Daniela Vescovi and Stefan Gluhovic…

Where: Guarneri del Gesù Conference Room

Organization: Accademia Italiana del Clarinetto

Trinity College Award Ceremony

A member of the Italian support team of the Trinity College London will participate into the Award Ceremony of all the students who took music examinations in 2017.

Where: Music Publishing Area

Organization: Schott Music

Conference – 100 years of archtop Jazz guitar: protagonists, instruments, instrument makers and music style of a guitar very similar to string instruments

The archtop guitar is often credited to Orville Gibson; however, Gibson was not the first to apply violin design principles to the guitar. In 1922, Lloyd Loar was hired by the Gibson Company to redesign their instrument line; archtop guitars were subsequently made by many top American luthiers, and particularly adopted by both jazz and country musicians, and in big bands and swing bands.

Where: Events Area of the Acoustic Guitar Village

Organization: Associazione Culturale Armadillo

Steinway & Sons, manufacturer of the world famous pianos and grand-pianos, presents the greatest instrument innovation of the last 70 years: STEINWAY SPIRIO.

Steinway Spirio is the result of the cooperation between Steinway&Sons and Wayne Stahnke, one of the greatest and most innovative geniuses of modern self-playing systems. The extraordinary quality of its performance results from the combination of several patents. The technical masterpiece ensures the highest quality ever in the reproduction of live concerts to offer a unique musical experience…

Where: Cristofori Room

Organization: Steinway and Sons Italia

Yamaha Piano Discovery: Paolo Alderighi and Stephanie Trick

Paolo Alderighi and Stephanie Trick met in 2008 on the occasion of Boswil piano festival (Switzerland) and started to cooperate in 2010 for a project dedicated to classical jazz with the original arrangements of the Swing Era, Ragtime, Blues and Stride Piano. Two for One is the title of the first CD they recorded together in 2012, following which they have been invited to different jazz festivals in America, Europe and Japan…

Where: Stradivari Conference room

Organization: Yamaha Music Europe – Branch Italy

Fazioli Piano Festival

Programme: 11.30 am: Inna Faliks ; 12.15 pm: Maurizio Baglini ; 2:15 pm: incontro con Paolo Fazioli ; 3:00 pm: Alessandra Ammara; 3:45 pm: Danilo Rea

Where: Zelioli Lanzini Conference Room

Organization: CremonaFiere

Flute Masterclass with Cho Sunghyun

Cho Sunghyun was born in Seoul in 1990. Already from his childhood he showed a strong interest for music along with a great talent for it. He debuted at the Kumho Prodigy Concert Series in 2002 and also performed in many concerts by the Kumho Asian Cultural Federation. In 2005, during his third year of musical studies at the “Korea National University of Arts Preparatory School”..

Where: Monteverdi conference room

Organization: Associazione Flautisti Italiani