Historical Exhibitions

WHERE: Acoustic Guitar Village
WHEN: Everyday | 29th and 30 september from 10:00am to 7:00pm and 1st october from 10:00am to 6:00pm
ORGANIZATION: Associazione Culturale Armadillo

Strings and blues

From ancient cotton plantations to the outskirts of US major cities. The rudimentary soundboards obtained from cigar boxes and leather, the first 12-strings guitars, the historical Stella, Harmony, Marting and Gibson models, the first resonator guitars and the use of “slide”. All the models that accompanied and inspired the protagonists of Blues will be on display. Cured by Leonardo Petrucci, Instrument making master

Guitar over the centuries

An exhibition starring instruments by: Aubry Maire (Mirecourt), early 1800; Gaetano Guadagnini 1829; Gaetano Guadagnini 1832; Francesco Guadagnini 1899; Luigi Gallinotti 1915; Manuel Ramirez 1910; Lorenzo Bellafontana 1960; Luigi Mozzani Lyra (one arm) and others from Torres to Maccaferri,etc. Cured by M° Francesco Taranto.