Flute concert with Matteo Evangelisti and Hyunim Yoon

WHERE: Monteverdi Conference Room
WHEN: 29th september | 5:30pm
ORGANIZATION: Associazione Flautisti Italiani (Italian Flutists Association)

Matteo Evangelisti was born in Rome in 1985. He graduated in 2003 and won the first award “cum laude”. In the last years he won all the major national flute competitions (ranking first for 16 times and second for 2 times). In the last two years he won the International Biwako Competition in Japan, he ranked second at the International Maxence Larrieu Competition in Nice, he won the International Leonardo de Lorenzo Competition and the International Timisoara Competition in Romania. He currently cooperates with Santa Cecilia Orchestra and is first flute at Rome Opera Theather and at La Scala Orchestra Theatre

The flautist Hyunim Yoon was born in Seoul, Korea. After her graduation at the Seoul National Art High School, she attended Seoul National University. After staying in Geneva, studying with the virtuous flautist Maxence Larrieu and graduating with top marks at the Conservatoire de Musique, she went to Germany where she studied with Jean-Claude Gerard at the Hochschule fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Stuttgart. She became very popular after winning the competitions“Chosun daily newspaper competition” and “Busan music competition” in Korea. She also won the “Swiss Basel Sankyo Flute Competition” of Basel, the “Sankyo Flute Competition” and the “Japan Flute Convention Competition”. In 2001 she ranked second at the “47th Maria Canals International Flute Competition” in Spain and her talent has been internationally recognized. Hyunim Yoonnon is active in Korea, South-East Asia and in Europe and her popularity as virtuous flautist is continuously growing. She currently teaches at the Suwon University and is musical director of Flauto Holic.