5th Italian Bluegrass Meeting

WHERE: Live Stage of the Acoustic Guitar Village
WHEN: 30th september | 10:00am – 7:00pm
ORGANIZATION: Associazione Culturale Armadillo

A music genre that inevitably leads our thoughts to the Kentucky bluegrass loans, in the wide region of the Appalachian Mountains, from the gulf of St. Lawrence River up to Alabama. It is in this territory that extends for 2.500 km parallel to the US coast, that in the 18th century the musical traditions of Scottish, Irish and English immigrants met each other thus originating to the so called Bluegrass Music. There are many bluegrass music lovers and musicians all over the world and the Bluegrass Meeting, that until last year took place in Sarzana, Liguria, is one of the major international events of the sector. Moving the Bluegrass Meeting from the festival in Sarzana to the Acoustic Guitar Village in Cremona is the strategical project of Alessio Ambrosi and Danilo Cartia.