The only meeting point in Italy for the piano community

Piano Experience is the one and only trade fair exclusively dedicated to the piano world, but particularly it is an effective tool for the big community which orbits around this gorgeous instrument: a meeting point to exchange ideas, update, and develop new business.

Piano Experience has been created in response to instrument makers, distributors, buyers and musicians needs, in Partnership with AIARP (Italian Association of Piano Tuners and Repairers) and in cooperation with the most important piano manufacturers, music institutions and leading conservatoires.

Piano Experience has immediately received wide consensus among music professionals because it is the only exhibition exclusively dedicated to the piano. This means that all the most important brands meet here in Cremona, not missing the opportunity to present their products in a top level exhibition.


Piano Experience is not only a rendez-vous for the piano community but also a useful marketing tool for business development between exhibitors and visitors. At our Exhibition, demand and supply come together. Here, you can hold products in your hands and meet the greatest sector professionals in person. The rich events programme put in place every year – including concerts, meetings, seminars and international conferences – contributes to the creation of a network of operators from different segments of the sector, which is crucial for the growth and development of the industry as a whole.

Piano Experience:
The big names of the international scene are here

The uniqueness of Piano Experience is not just the result of the participation of qualified exhibitors showcasing high-quality instruments and accessories. The rich events programme organized every year by CremonaFiere in cooperation with the Exhibitors themselves truly plays a fundamental role. Musical performances prosper at Piano Experience! Among the 178 events of the 2019 edition:

Kekko Fornarelli, Gwilym Simcock, Andrea Rebaudengo, Costantino Catena, Maurizio Baglini, Eliane Reyes, Inna Faliks, Ivan Krpan, Jed Distler, Konstantin Scherbakov, Ingolf Wunder, Andrea Tonoli, Alessandro Marangoni, Angelo Arciglione, Alessandro Marino, Andrea Vizzini, Ramin Bahrami, Jin Ju, Risto-Matti Marin, Roland Pöntinen, Francesco Attesti, Monaldo Braconi, Luca Ciammarughi, Valentina Danelon, Claudia D’Ippolito, Enrico Intra, Katharina Kegler, Yevheniya Lysohor, Joseph Edoardo Mossali, Riccardo Risaliti, Igor Roma, Andrea Rucli, Danwen Wei and Laura Zanoli.

During Cremona Musica 2019 took place also the final stage of  the Disklavier Composers Contest with the jury made up of : Carlo Boccadoro, Paolo Buonvino, Stuart Isacoff, Gwilym Simcock and Fabio Vacchi. They listened to the 5 finalist compositions and awarded the winner Zvonimir Nagy.