The élite of international violin making

Cremona Mondomusica is bigger and important global marketplace for high quality string instruments making. Here you can meet the best string instruments makers and distributors in the world, together with the most qualified manufacturers and traders of accessories and printed music.

This is the place to discover, try and buy the perfect instrument, and for producers who wants to meet an international selected audience .


Being much more than a rendez-vous for the violin making community, Mondomusica acts as an effective trading platform capable of creating business at all levels. CremonaFiere, in fact, has always worked to provide its customer with a powerful marketing tool.

A winning combination:
The magic of a festival and the liveliness of an international tradeshow

The participation of many qualified Exhibitors is not the only strength of the Show. The uniqueness of Mondomusica, in fact, also results from the high-level events organized both by CremonaFiere and by the Exhibitors themselves.

The Show aims at bringing together demand and supply while simultaneously promoting a debate on current market trends and future scenarios, with a particular attention for information and promotion of musical culture. In this sense, the Big Names of the music scene are involved to offer every year high-impact events.

Cremona Mondomusica boasts an events programme never lacking in performances and concerts that offer the opportunity to listen and appreciate music in all its shapes and forms.