A brand new exhibiting area organised in cooperation with the most important institutions for wind instruments

Today the wind instruments don’t have a strong exhibition benchmark either in Italy or in Europe.

While the generalist music shows are losing ground, CremonaFiere has strengthened and expanded over the years by investing and letting specific areas grow such as string instruments, pianos, classical and acoustic guitars and, today, wind instruments.

In order to reach this challenging but concrete goal, CremonaFiere is cooperating with the most important Italian institutions for clarinets and flutes, such as  the Accademia Italiana del Clarinetto, and the Associazione Flautisti Italiani.

The presidents of the two associations, Piero Vincenti and Salvatore Lombardi, brought to Cremona an extraordinary cultural and artistic contribution with masterclassesconcerts and round tables with the participation of international musicians and speakers and they are organizing a new special programme also for the next edition.

For the clarinet and sax world, we hosted big names such as Corrado GiuffrediGabriele MirabassiMario Marzi and Federico Mondelci; in addition, much attention was dedicated to young musicians with the exhibitions of the best students coming from the most qualified Italian academies and conservatories. 

For the flute, we had great musicians like: Maxence Larrieu, Davide Formisano, Paolo Taballione. Moreovere we hosted seminars, showcases and the first meeting of italian orchestras.

Many news are coming up for the next edition, stay tuned!