Maximiliano Canevaro ``This is the major Martin Exhibition ever organized in Italy``

“… we decided to have a big booth to display as many Martin guitars as possible. By now, this is the major Martin Exhibition ever organized in Italy. The Acoustic Guitar Village, taking place in the framework of Cremona Musica, is really growing in importance and we’re very satisfied with it. Since there is a growing attendance of visitors, we do want to offer a wide range of instruments…”

MARCELLO DAMINELLI – Pietro Daminelli srl ``A precious tool to present our products``

“… This was our first experience at Cremona Musica. We think it is a precious tool to present our products to a very wide audience…”

ALESSANDRO CIUFFA – Gewa Med srl ``An incredible partner``

“… CremonaFiere is for us an incredible partner! They gave us space, time, professional equipment and visibility…”

LAURA ROSSI - Schott Music GmbH & Co. KG ``Every year it is more rewarding``

“… another year at Mondomusica, the eleventh for us. It is a great Exhibition we are always very satisfied of. Every year it is more rewarding, so we decided to invest in a bigger exhibit space…”

ROBERTO FERRARI – Ferrari Musica “A well targeted exhibition”

“…this is our second participation in Cremona Musica. Since last year we have been very motivated because we have felt the audience strong interest in discovering, touching and trying those instruments that they generally watch on the internet. There are really many amateurs…” “…we will exhibit next year as well because there is a good visitors’ turnout despite the difficult period that such initiatives are undergoing. Moreover, Cremona Musica is well targeted on our customers…”

GIORGIO GRISALES – Grisales Violin Makers “A world showcase”

“… I’ve been participating in the Exhibition for over 10 years. It is an extremely important initiative for the world of stringed instruments. I am more than satisfied. It is a world showcase where my instruments are appreciated by all the visitors coming to Cremona from every corner of the world. This is an essential Exhibition and I really hope that my colleagues will understand also in the future the importance of participating in this Show. May Cremona Musica live for a long time!”

PAOLO FAZIOLI – Fazioli Pianoforti srl: “A crossroads of musicians and music professionals”

“…this year’s Exhibition was really good. It is important for us to be here since, as I’ve always remarked, this is not a trade show, well also… but it is above all a crossroads of musicians and music professionals. It is a true music melting pot. Attending this Show is really strategic for us because it is a meeting point and also the occasion to take stock of the sector, exchange ideas and opinions. We really think that participating is important and we do believe that this Exhibition can still grow, reaching even better outcomes and providing us with an even greater satisfaction”

GIOVANNI BERGAMINI – Pianoforti Bergamini “The only exhibition for piano”

“… We have been participating in this Piano Exhibition, the only Exhibition for piano in Italy, since its first edition. We are loyal exhibitors and this year, in comparison to the past years, we have remarked more positive vibes both from the audience and from the organizers, so we are really happy to have been part of the show and its outcomes are extremely good..” “…we’re satisfied of this participation and we will for sure attend the Exhibition next year as well to give our contribution and make it better year after year”

GIOVANNI IANNANTUONI – Yamaha Music Europe branch Italy (piano division) “The most innovative music exhibition in europe”

“…Cremona Musica is a very important Exhibition. I would say it is the most innovative Music Exhibition in Europe since it combines traditional booths were musical products are on display with a series of important events actively spreading musical culture. In short: Cremona Musica is innovation”

GIOVANNI DORIA – Steinway and Sons Italia “An important reference point for the musical market”

“… We have always believed in this Exhibition. It is a very important reference point for the Italian musical market and a strategic showcase for everyone, offering a wide range of traditional acoustic instruments”.

MASSIMO NEGRONI – VIOLIN MAKER I've seen Cremona Musica growing year after year, not only in terms of increasingly important companies attending the show as exhibitors, but also in terms of visitors' attendance

I really am a front-line exhibitor of Cremona Musica– says Massimo Negroni, Violin maker –. I have always believed in the Exhibition from the very beginning and I believe in it even strongly nowadays. I’ve seen Cremona Musica growing year after year, not only in terms of increasingly important companies attending the show as exhibitors, but also in terms of visitors’ attendance.
The strategic choice to accompany the exhibition repertoire with a rich and prestigious events programme made of concerts and scientific appointments is really important to attract a wide audience of music experts and violin making professionals.
As far as I am concerned, I have remarked an increasing number of national and international business contacts established during the Exhibitions over the last years. These contacts are not just related to the Exhibition days since many of them are carried on and developed all the year round, ending up both in the purchase of my instruments directly in my workshop and in the restoration, evaluation and documentary research of other instruments. In short: an activity born during the Exhibition and developed all the year round. In conclusion I’d like to send out a message: it is extremely important for Cremona Musica to reach and involve young people: they are the future of violin-making.

PIERA CIRESA - CIRESA ENRICO - TONEWOOD ``Cremona us the possibility to be part of an international showcase attracting both music lovers, but above all, professionals of the instrument making sector from all over the world``

Cremona Mondomusica is a not-to-be-missed appointment for our business, since it gives us the possibility to be part of an international showcase attracting both music lovers, but above all, professionals of the instrument making sector from all over the world. The company E.Ciresa has been exhibiting in Cremona since the beginning of the Exhibition, when it used to take place in the city center. Later on, with the expansion of the Show, we have never missed a single edition and we also expanded our exhibit space. In particular, we completely supported the development of Cremona Mondomusica and the opening of a section for pianos and keyboard instruments and one for guitars.

Our annual work, both in the company and online, can’t be compared to the three exhibition days, however the Exhibition always has a long-term impact on our business. The company was founded in 1952 by Enrico Ciresa, who started to manufacture harmoniums and piano keyboards after a quite long experience at Schulze Pollmann. The instrument production increased significantly until 1975. Then, due to the introduction of electric and electronic keyboards, it started to collapse. It was right then that Enrico Ciresa had the intuition of starting to manufacture church organs and sound boards for all the Italian piano manufacturing companies of the time. Next to piano sound boards, he then started to manufacture also harpsichord, spinets, fortepianos and harps sound boards.

In the 90s, after the demise of the owner, the daughters Piera and Donata, with Fabio Ognibeni as manager, needed to change the company’s direction. They expanded the production of piano sound boards both in Europe and in the world but stopped the production of sound boards for harmoniums and church organs. Then, they started the production of sound boards for the violin-making sector with careful selections, accurate cuts and natural aging of the famous resonance firs of Fiemme Valley, Stradivari’s tonewood.

With a broad experience in the field of wood, in particular in the Norway spruce, the company speaks a highly technical language and has an orderly warehouse with prestigious aged wood.

ELISA SCROLLAVEZZA VIOLIN MAKER - SCROLLAVEZZA E ZANRÈ ``We have been exhibiting at Cremona Musica for over 15 years. The Exhibition has changed a lot over the time and has consistently grown in the last few years``

We have been exhibiting at Cremona Musica for over 15 years. The Exhibition has changed a lot over the time and has consistently grown in the last few years. In particular, it has significantly broadened its international scope. Exhibiting at Cremona Musica means participating in one of the major events of the sector. Here, we can find national and international customers, consisting above all of young musicians.
During the Exhibition we meet our national and European customers and we can show them our instruments. Sometimes they don’t purchase the instrument at the Exhibition, but they come back to our workshop thanks to our promotional activities carried on the exhibition days. This is the great value of Cremona Musica: we can meet a wide audience and establish lasting contacts with clients who visit us at our workshop all the year round. Side events are always very interesting and give a precious contribution in the involvement of a selected, interested and qualified audience that really appreciate our products.


To which extent do Cremona Musica International Exhibitions represent a useful tool for your activity?

For us participating in Cremona Mondomusica means meeting a qualified public that really appreciates our publishing project. We have been exhibiting at Cremona Mondomusica for over 10 years and we have always achieved very satisfying results. That’s why, since last year, we have decided to double our exhibit space. It is a lively and strategic Exhibition where we can present our new products but also have musicians, music teachers, music students and families personally meet our authors. Also this year we are very enthusiast in presenting one of the major and most appreciated specialized catalogues with reference authors for music teaching (from the collection of Remo VinciGuerra to the Chitarra Volante (the Flying Guitar) by Vito Nicola Paradiso), the milestones of classical music learning (such as Tecnica fondamentale del violino (Fundamental violin technique) or Czernyana), the great collection of prestigious revisions (from Schnabel to Cortot) and the best seller collection Curci Young for children. Moreover, Curci authors will be protagonists of Cremona Musica with workshops and presentations again.


The workshop Paolo Vettori and Sons boasts three generations of violin-makers: in addition to Dario and Sofia, also Lapo, the brother, and uncle Carlo do the same job. A family passion that has been developed since 1935 in the wonderful city of Florence. The Vettori violin-makers have been bringing to Cremona their instruments for over ten years, being faithful Exhibitors of Cremona Mondomusica: “In spite of the general crisis that has affected the violin-making sector as well, we confirm our participation because we really want to exhibit here. We strongly believe in the increase of image coming from the Exhibition – explains Dario Vettori -. With this event we enter in a network of contacts that, even if not in the short-term, it is really important in the long-term because when somebody who met you during the Exhibition needs something, he or she will remember you were there”. In Dario Vettori’s opinion, even if musical exhibitions in the world have tried to involve new sector and new instruments, the violin-making art still remains the core business attracting the major number of visitors. And apart from the Exhibition itself, he thinks it is really important to encourage events and exhibitions connected to this sector. CremonaFiere shares this opinion and organizes every year interesting events such as masterclasses, workshops, seminars and conferences to enrich the Exhibition. “I think that most of the professionals are attracted by prestigious events, such as the historical exhibitions on the violin-making tradition” concludes Mr. Vettori.


Casa musicale Scavino is an historical shop in Turin, founded 45 years ago out of the passion for music of its founders. Nowadays it still is synonym of high-quality products for professionals and for amateurs: quality, tradition and innovation go hand in hand in Casa musicale Scavino, who offers to his clients instruments, accessories and, more in general, everything that is connected with the musical sector. Franco Scavino reveals that he will exhibit his collection at the next edition of Cremona Musica International Exhibitions. “We don’t consider the appointment of Cremona only as an opportunity to sell, even if this happens as well. It is above all an institutional moment to present ourselves and to cultivate new contacts of operators from all over the world. That’s why I will exhibit my collection. I think that the area dedicated to the violin-making art is really great, but this year we will exhibit in the Acoustic Guitar Village as well”. Mr. Scavino then recalls the past editions: “I have always achieved positive results, maybe not in the short-term but for sure in the long-term. In fact, I entered into contact with clients who met me during the Exhibition. I have a very strong passion for music and I participate in the Exhibition in Cremona also for this reason: it is a very important appointment for the music scene”.


The spreading of the Neapolitan violin-making art and the introduction of original and personalized elements in the classical models: this is the essence of Anema e corde, a project developed by four highly-qualified violin-makers aiming at preserving the tradition while profiting from innovation. That’s why every instrument coming from the violin-making art of the Neapolitan association is a real work of art. Anema e corde deals with the design, the manufacture and the restoration of all string instruments: violins, violas, cellos, double basses, mandolin, mandola, mandoloncello, lute, cantabile, classical, acoustic and electric guitar, a wide-ranging art that can’t miss the appointment of Mondomusica. Clara Contadini, master maker fine string instruments states: “We have been exhibiting at Cremona Mondomusica for about ten years and we have always achieved positive results. The entrance ticket is not too expensive and the events attract a wide audience. That’s why I think there should be a stronger participation of conservatories. Teachers and Professors from all over Italy should have the chance to bring their students to Cremona. The participation of a young audience is to be strongly encouraged”. Ms. Contadini describes Cremona Musica International Exhibitions as “a showcase on the international music scene” and praises the exhibition centre hosting the event: “it is very elegant, it is in line with the art and music sector”.


took part into several competition, both in Italy and abroad, and received several awards thanks to his violins carefully manufactured following Cremona’s traditional violin-making art. He always uses a bright and transparent varnish and his work is worldwide appreciated. He is specialized in the manufacture of violins, violas, cellos and double basses. But he is also a great restorer. His workshop is located in Beltrami street in Cremona, that’s why by exhibiting at Cremona Musica International Exhibitions he plays his home match. “It is a fundamental appointment, not only for us violin-makers, but also for the entire city of Cremona. Without the Exhibition, in fact, there wouldn’t be such a flow of potential customers from all over the world. Also for this reason I would say that exhibiting is an ethical choice: without Mondomusica, Cremona and its violin-makers would lose a great deal. They would lose, for example, the high concentration of professionals and amateurs interested in violins and in music in general”. Mr. Tonarelli, in addition to his praise of the outcomes of the Exhibition organized by CremonaFiere, underlines that for the professionals of this sector a proper advertising of the activities is fundamental: “Showing what we do and having the chance to directly present the high-quality of our instruments is crucial to us. That’s why I consider Mondomusica as an opportunity to meet my clients and to show them that I am in the position to exhibit at an Exhibition of this level and that I can take a challenge”. Moreover, the events organized within the Exhibition “are many and very interesting. They are themselves a great attraction”.


violin-maker from Cremona, started his activity in 1990 when he was only 22. Since then, his motto has always been seeking perfection and using high-quality materials. His models are inspired by the classical tradition of Cremona violin-making art and his workshop is located in the city centre, not far from the Cathedral. He works there all the year round creating instruments that he then displays at Cremona Musica International Exhibitions: “This appointment by CremonaFiere is an international showcase and I think it is a must for the violin-makers – explains Mr. Sperzaga -. For me it is even more important because, since I’m a teacher, I don’t have many chances to exhibit at other exhibitions so Cremona Mondomusica is really an appointment not to be missed. I generally start working at the instruments to display at Cremona Mondomusica in February, then in summer this activity becomes more and more intense”. Mr. Sperzaga is also member of the Consortium of Violinmakers “Antonio Stradivari” in Cremona and of the Violin Society of America. He is teacher of Laboratory, Varnishing and String Instruments Acoustic Physics at the International Violinmaking School in Cremona. He reveals that for this year’s edition, he is going to display a viola, a cello and three or four violins: these are the instruments he is specialized in. “Presenting my instruments in my hometown is really important for me and, as long as it will be possible, I will exhibit at every edition – continues the violin-maker – both because I have a very good relationship with CremonaFiere and because the event organization is great. I have to admit it is a great effort to prepare all the instruments, but it’s worth doing it since I always establish precious contacts during the Exhibition”. Equally important is of course the meeting with old clients: “They know they can find me there so they come and visit me. This is another reason why I can’t miss this appointment”.


has been manufacturing violins since 1980, when he opened his workshop in Cremona, in Garibaldi avenue. He has been working in this sector for over 35 years and even if he has become a big name, he still considers Mondomusica as a constant opportunity for professional growth. For him it is above all an opportunity to meet the families of young musicians attending conservatories: “ they are often confused about the choice of a violin-maker. The Exhibition offers the ideal chance to personally meet the instrument-makers and I do think that looking the instrument-maker in the eye is really important for customers. What I appreciate the most of Mondomusica is exactly this: the possibility of directly showing our work, the didactic framework. We have the chance to explain how we create our violin, how we approach the instrument creation”. Mr. Bergonzi underlines also another reason why he confirms his presence at the Exhibition year after year: “The possibility of buying high-quality products. I think I am one of the major buyers within Cremona Mondomusica – he says – because there I can find precious tone-wood and high-quality accessories. For professionals of this sector, being sure of choosing among top-quality products is fundamental”.


workshop is located in Nono street in Crema. From here come some instruments played by famous musicians such as Marco Fornaciari, Emanuele Rossi, Graziano Beluffi and Andrea Leporati. The violin-maker Roberto Collini received several awards in Italy and abroad such as for example the certificate of merit for the best acoustic at the 12th “Violin Society of America” competition in New Mexico in 1996. He has been exhibiting at Cremona Musica International Exhibitions since the second edition. Every year he displays accurately finished instruments with an excellent acoustic that are particularly appreciated not only in Italy but also in Japan, America, Taiwan, France and Belgium. “My personal opinion about the Exhibition can’t be anything else as positive – explains Mr. Collini -. At the beginning I exhibited as a member of groups and consortia, then as co-exhibitor of a colleague of me and then, over the last 9 years, I have been exhibiting alone. I will exhibit this October as well and I will display my violins, violas and cellos”. The violin-maker from Crema, who’s also member of the Entente Internationale des Maitres Luthiers et Archetiers d’Art, says that every edition of Mondomusica has brought him positive results as to contacts with old and new clients: “I am really satisfied and I think that all the events organized during the Exhibition are the added-value of Cremona Mondomusica, even if, being busy at my stand, it is difficult for me to personally attend them”.


has a workshop in Caen, France. He’s an expert of ancient music and is specialized in the reproduction of ancient string instruments coming from private collections or museums. For him, Mondomusica “is first of all the opportunity to meet every year violin-makers from all over the world”. He explains that the Exhibition offers the chance to establish contacts with suppliers, instrument-makers, accessories and case producers and others, but not only: “It is a showcase for the music world. Cremona isn’t an international metropolis, but it is the historical capital city of the violin-making art and it is therefore the perfect meeting point for violin-makers from all over the world. I really hope that the number of violin-makers arriving to Cremona will further increase”. Tanguy describes positively also the other initiatives organized by CremonaFiere during the Exhibition: “I think that concerts and conferences are the perfect solution to attract a wide audience, even if for us exhibitors it is difficult to take part into them as we are busy at our stands. Musicians need to know that in this Exhibition they could find everything that is related to their world: festivals, radio, broadcasts, talent agencies, training meetings, and so on. Events are extremely important because musicians wouldn’t come only for instruments and instrument-makers. Socialization and meeting are then of course the added-value.