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Each edition is a confirmation that Cremona Musica is the most important global event for professionals in the world of violin makers and great musicHere, the home of the most famous family of violin makers of historyand home of the largest district violin making of the world, you can meet the right people to develop new business.

A unique programme with V.I.P.S.

Although the period was still very difficult, Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival took place, from 24 to 26 September at CremonaFiere Exhibition Center last year.

For three days the hometown of Stradivari hosted the best of the world production of musical instruments. The only specialized and international music fair in Europe, a one-of-a-kind event. During the event there were numerous appointments that delighted fans.

Among the special guests, there were those who received the prestigious Cremona Musica Awards: the extraordinary violinist Roby Lakatos, incomparable interpreter of Gypsy music; María Susana Azzi, cultural anthropologist who has thoroughly investigated the history of European immigration to Argentina from different perspectives: Argentine music and tango; the already multi-awarded Enrico Pieranunzi, who received the Cremona Musica Award for the category “performance-jazz”. For the “composition” category, we had the pleasure of having Richard Danielpour at Cremona Musica. And finally Luciano Del Rio, the pillar of A.I.A.R.P., the association that brings together piano tuners and repairers in Italy, was awarded for the “project” category.

The Media Lounge hosted three round tables: “New formats and perceptive processes in live music” where composers, performers, musicologists and artistic directors discuss the formats (current and future) for live music, sharing different experiences and points of view, also based on the new perspectives offered by technological evolution and by the new ways of “live” use of music. During “Live Music in Streaming and on online platforms: new perspectives and opportunities”, musicians, music critics and professionals will express their point of view on this issue, sharing “best practices” and new experiences. In “Hybrid Music Teaching: new perspectives”, representatives of prestigious musical institutions share their experiences and perspectives on distance music teaching.

Cremona Musica also hosted the National Forum of the Musical Instrument, an event dedicated to retailers and distributors of musical instruments during which the new Osservatorio Dismamusica, the authoritative report on the trend of the musical instruments market in the last year, was presented and discussed the growth opportunities in the sector. The two projects that are presented for the first time to the international public of the event are highly anticipated and allow music to overcome barriers thanks to technology: “Playing with the eyes” is the title of the event where three electronic instruments presented, still in experimental phase, created in the information laboratory of the State University of Milan, by Daniele Davanzo and Federico Avanzini. These have sensor systems for eye tracking, combined with pressure sensors or head movement detection systems, that allow those who use them to obtain sounds (in MIDI format) even without using their hands. The project was born, therefore, with the intention of enabling people with disabilities to actively make music: people to whom, up to yesterday, the joy of actively making music by playing an instrument was precluded.

Among the events dedicated to stringed instruments, the list of the performers includes: the C3-ChiesaCellosCremona, with Silvia Chiesa, the Duo Bordèl, who presented Pieces Intimes, Marco Rogliano, who presented his CD ‘Paganini and Italian Genius’, Alberto Bocini, who presented ‘Dear Bottesini’ (together with the pianist Alessandra Ammara), Giuseppe Tucci, and the very young Tomita Yume, winner of the 2021 edition of “Il Piccolo Violino Magico”. Roby Lakatos also collected the Cremona Musica Award in the “performance – string instruments” category.

The tradition of the Piano Festival continues in Piano Experience, with the major piano brands that brought their artists to Cremona, for dozens of piano recitals with great Italian and international artists. Among the protagonists of the piano events: Jean-François Antonioli, Elia Cecino, Giorgio Lazzari (together with Sofia Manvati), Gaia Sokoli, Davide Cabassi, the Boidi Piano Duo, Aristo Sham, Luisa Imorde, Sandro Ivo Bartoli, Marco Brunelli (with Woon Young Angela Kang and Andrea Nocerino), the Spina-Benignetti Piano Duo, Tatiana Larionova, Alexander Gadjiev, Giacomo Corbetta, Fabio Napoletano, Roberto Villa, KaJeng Wong, Eleonora and Beatrice Dallagnese, Leonardo Pierdomenico, Giovanni Bertolazzi, Beatrice Berrut, Alberto Bellavia, Enrico Pieranunzi, Carlo Alberto Bacchi, Maurizio Baglini, Alessandra Ammara and Roberto Prosseda. Then, Geoff Westley presented his new CD “The Mellow Album” and Fazioli’s 40th anniversary was celebrated.

The round table of AIARP, the Italian association of piano tuners and repairers, also be helded. Cremona Musica also hosted the finals of two important competitions: the Disklavier Composers Contest, designed to challenge composers from all over the world to explore and exploit the infinite potential of Disklavier technology, and the Pianolink International Amateur Competition, an event dedicated to non-professional pianists, conceived by Pianolink. Both competitions are organized together with Yamaha Music Europe – Branch Italy.

The Acoustic Guitar Village this year dedicated a large space to one of the most iconic musical instruments of Italian culture, the mandolin. The “Mandolini in mostra” program hosted moments of live music, workshops, conferences and exhibitions (“In viaggio con il mandolino”) dedicated to one of the symbolic instruments of the Italian tradition. The artistic direction is entrusted to the great mandolinst Carlo Aonzo, who also hold two workshops and will perform live during Cremona Musica Downtown, one of the Cremona Musica events that took place in the city center, Saturday 25 September evening at the Federico II courtyard (the day after, Palazzo Affaitati hosted the Cremona Musica Downtown youth flash mob).

Mandolins and guitars will also be the protagonists of three days of live music on the stages of the Acoustic Guitar Village, which hosted showcases by numerous artists. Among the most anticipated appointments related to the guitar, three of the classic events of the Acoustic Guitar Village: the New Sounds of Acoustic Music competition, the eighth edition of the Italian Bluegrass Meeting, and the Chords and Author’s Voices review.

The Accordion Show is also back, with exhibitions and conferences dedicated to the tradition of Stradella and Castelfidardo, but also to the Museum of Fontevivo dedicated to Gigi Stok. Among the leading artists of the live events: Sante Palladini, Laura Monti and Sergio Monacelli, the ensemble Simmetrie Variabili, Matteo De Angelis and Francesca Grifoni, Gioele Zampa, Luca Zanetti, Fabio Turchetti, Lorenzo Munari and Anna Vezzani, Antonino De Luca and Valentino Lorenzetti, the Barimar Quartet, Breda Gubler and Gianni Gallo, Fausto Beccalossi, Eugenia Cherkazova, the Tanguedia Project, Francesco Palazzo, Madana Marco Rufo, Romeo & friends, the Trio Piccoli, Danilo Di Paolonicola, the Musikarte accordion orchestra and Elisa Goldoni. Maria Susana Azzi also presented the book ‘Astor Piazzolla, a life for music’.

These are just some of the over 130 events, in which over 300 artists, speakers and personalities from the world of music was involved, who will flank the exhibition area, divided into different halls: Mondomusica which hosts string-makers and musical editions, Piano Experience, Acoustic Guitar Village and Accordion Show. An international edition which also be attended by official delegations from 12 different foreign countries. Despite the restrictions due to the rules for Covid19 and the few international flights already active, buyers  from Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary, USA and Thailand, reached Cremona thanks to the collaboration with ICE – Agency.

With a single entrance ticket to the fair, visitors attended dozens of concerts, masterclasses, historical exhibitions, conferences for a calendar worthy of a great festival!

More, the most qualified music journalists in the world took parte in the exhibition

Media lounge – an initiative that brought to the exhibition about 30 journalists among the most prestigious international media who follows the Show and report on their headlines:

– Christopher Axworthy (Keyboard Trust)
– Luca Baccolini (Classic Voice)
– Serhan Bali (Andante)
– Kirsten Beasty  (The Strad)
– Roman Berchenko (Radio Orpheus)
– Nicola Cattò (Musica) 
– Luca Ciammarughi (Musica/Radio Classica/Suonare News) 
– Giulio Cinelli  (
– Jed Distler (Gramophone e International Piano Magazine)
– Martin Hoffmeister (MDR Radio)
– Patrick Jovell (
– Stuart Isacoff (Wall Street Journal, Musical America)
– Evgenia Krivitskaia (Music Life, Russia)
– Peter Korfmacher (Leipzig Volkszeitung)
– Alexander Laskowski (Polish Radio)
– Christian Lloyd (The Strad)
– Massimo Lombardi (Venice Classic Radio)
– Valentina Lo Surdo (Radio3, Suonare News) 
– Luca Lucibello (Archi Magazine)
– Michele Manzotti (La nazione)
– Duilio Meucci, (Suonare News) 
– Filippo Michelangeli (Suonare News)
– Lorenzo Papacci (Quinte Parallele)
– Paola Parri (
– Cecile Prakken (Brava TV) 
– Serena Roberti, (Hearst Magazine, Silhouette)
– Christian Salerno (
– Toru Sase, Sarasate Magazine (Giappone)
– Eric Schoones (Pianist Magazin, D/Pianist Magazine, NL)
– Matti Toumisto (Rondoclassic e Rondo Magazine)
– Alessandro Tommasi (Amadeus online – Le Salon Musical)
– John Thomas (Fret Board Journal)