Cremona Media Lounge Members: Patrick Jovell (, Sweden)

Here we meet another member of the Cremona Musica Media Lounge: Patrick Jovell, Swedish renown piano teacher and co-editor at, one of the leading piano blogs, where he also manages the social media section. Patrick Jovell is a perfect example of a musical professional who feels the need to express and share his musical […]

Piano lesson for conductors

While playing piano, we simultaneously carry out both an analysis and a synthesis process. In fact, we need to manage all the single elements of a performance, such as voices and timbres while creating the right combination of lines, giving the right global sense and having a complete vision of the composition. This is what […]

A rare video of a 7 year-old Yo Yo Ma performing.

In this rare video we can see a 7 year-old Yo Yo Ma performing Breval’s Concertino N. 3 with his sister Yeou-Cheng in front of a selected audience, introduced by Leonard Bernstein. At that time, Yo Yo Ma, born in China, had just moved to the US from Paris with his family and was being […]

A TED video on “How to practice effectively”.

This TED video shows some of the most helpful hints to practice in an effective and well- focused way. Since it is based on universal principles, it provides precious suggestions that are valid for any musical instrument. Even if apparently obvious, some suggestions are particularly helpful and need to be reminded. Some musicians, for example, […]


Its name is 3Dvarius  and it’s the first violin created by 3D printing technology. Based on the model of a real Stradivarius violin, it is made of a translucent resin printed in a single piece through the technique of stereolithography. Its creator is Laurent Bernadac, French violinist and engineer from Toulouse, who took on the challenge to build a bridge […]

A new piano with 102 keys and straight strings.

French piano designer and builder, Stephen Paulello, is one of the most innovative men in the actual piano world. After having worked for other piano factories, Mr. Paulello has launched hos own piano brand, and started building his own pianos in the Paulello atelier near Paris. The latest model is the “opus 102”: a full […]

CremonaFiere together with Taiwan Trade Center to develop new business relations with the eleventh largest economy in the world and third largest economy in Asia.

Taiwan’s GDP increases constantly (+1.6% over last year) and its import has a value of about 230 billion dollars: the opportunities for Italian companies are many. Christie Huang, Director of TAITRA: “We have chosen CremonaFiere because it is a centre of excellence on the international trade-fair exhibition scene”. CremonaFiere expands its business relations to the […]