A Century of Italian Music is now online for free: www.canzoneitaliana.it

200.000 Italian songs released between 1900 and 2000 are now online for free, together with one hundred thematic playlists and further information in eight different languages. An “encyclopedia” dedicated to all enthusiasts of Italian music, who will be able to find their favorite songs and artists. The new website canzoneitaliana.it was created to promote this […]

Italian artist covers twenty violins from Cremona with gold and gems

Twenty violins were turned into new artworks by Daniele Dondè in his latest exhibition, as the Italian artist covered the instruments made-in-Cremona with gold and precious stones. The exhibition, named “Violini e l’arte Stradivari Rock”, is hosted by the Hotel Royal, in Sanremo, between 8 and 11 February, at the same time as the most […]

Steven Isserlis’ inspiring suggestions to young musicians

The great British cellist Steven Isserlis published a very personal and involving post on his Facebook page, addressed to young musicians, talking about career and how to build a successful and happy life: “everybody will suffer setbacks at some time or another in their career; and sometimes it’s the best thing that can happen to […]

Daniel Barenboim becomes a cartoon to teach kids to love classical music

Daniel Barenboim will star in “Max & Maestro”, a new International animated TV series created to make kids interested in classical music. The plot deals with Max, a young boy who, while looking for his ball, casually meets Maestro and hears him playing piano. From then Max dreams of becoming a pianist, and Maestro, who […]

How Soundreef defeated SIAE monopoly

On the 16th of January “SIAE monopoly definitively collapsed,” said Davide D’Atri, CEO and co-funder of the London based copyright management startup Soundreef. Soundreef can finally legally work in Italy, after the deal they has reached with the nonprofit organization LEA (Free Publisher Authors). The British startup had been fighting SIAE monopoly on copyright since […]

How does a 6-meter-long piano sound?

Well, with deeper bass, but it can handle also the softer notes, according to those who had a chance to play it. The 6-meter-long piano was built by the New Zelander piano builder Adrian Mann, 28, as a “gigantic experiment”, as he said, but the outcome is more interesting than expected. “With this piano, there […]

The piano you can tune while playing

It might be a revolutionary idea for the world of music: a piano that enable musicians to alter the tuning while playing. Its name is Fluid Piano and it was invented in 2009 by the British composer Geoffrey Smith. The instrument looks like a typical acoustic piano, but has a system of sliders that enable […]

Giovanni Sollima will play an ice-cello in his next Italian tour

The world-famous Italian cellist Giovanni Sollima will cross Italy in his upcoming tour “N-ice Cello Giovanni Sollima Tour”, playing a cello made of ice. The instrument was made by the American artist Tim Linhart, who during the last 20 years crafted many instrument and even a concert hall made of ice, where his instruments (including […]

Musicians should not fear failure. Now a museum even celebrate it.

Musicians and artists may see failure as a constant fear. Those who have a creative job inevitably meet failure, sooner or later. The main problem is not to fail, but the understanding of failure most of our cultures have: a source of shame, delusion and sometimes depression. A misconception that discourage many people from pursuing […]