The best apps for classical musicians

In its latest issue Gramophone published a list of the most interesting apps for musicians, from streaming to score-reading.

Besides the streaming services covering all genres, such as Spotify or Apple Music, the magazine recommends two specific classical music apps: Idagio and Primephonic. One of the most interesting features of Idagio is a “mood wheel”, that enables the user to select the kind of music he wants to listen to.

The magazine also reviewed some of the best digital score apps. For instance, Tido has an automatic page-turning technology and accompanies the musician with professional recordings that you can hear and play along with. Other similar apps are Tomplay and Henle Library, each boasting different and specific features.

The list continues withThe Juilliard String Quartet App, that allows you to forensically explore the Grammy Award-winning Juilliard String Quartet performing Franz Schubert’s Death and the Maiden, watching it with a split screen and highlighting each instrument to understand their secrets.

Clapping Music App is a free game enabling musicians to improve their rhythmic skills, following different clapping patterns on their touchscreen.

Finally, one of the most recommended apps is Meludia, an educational app used to improve music literacy through fun and progressive exercises, with an innovative approach covering melody, harmony, rhythm, and much more.