Rami Bahrami: «Cremona is of fundamental importance for the beautiful sound of its string instruments»

One of the guests stars of Cremona Musica is the renowned Iranian pianist, Ramin Bahrami. He has recorded almost all of Bach’s keyboard music for Decca, and is now active in promoting Bach’s music not only through his CDs and concerts, but also with his frequent TV appearances and through his books (“Bach mi ha salvato la vita”, “Il suono dell’Occidente”, “Nonno Bach”).

Ramin Bahrami will perform on Saturday, September 30th at 3pm, at Sala Zelioli Lanzini, within the Steinway Festival. He will present his recent book “Nonno Bach”, where Bach’s music is explained to children, reading some excerpts and playing live at the piano some of Bach’s keyboard works. At the end it will also be available to answer the questions from the audience.

Mr. Bahrami, how did you decide to ​​write your book “Nonno Bach”?

I have always wanted Bach’s music to be considered a as the music composed by a contemporary friend of ours: in this sense I wanted his music to speak to us.

How has your passion for Bach developed to become the center of your artistic research?
I fell in love with Bach when I listened to Glenn Gould’s recording of Bach’s Toccata from the Partita No. 6 in E minor.

What is for you, today, the role of a classical musician, in a world where classical music seems to be increasingly less interesting for the majority of people?
Transmitting the values of the “great beauty” of the classical music masterworks is the tool to create a dialogue between different cultures and voices, and to teach people how to listen and understand each other.

What advice would you give a young musician who would like to embark on a concert career?
To believe in yourself and in what you do, all the time, and never stop searching and being amused, as if you were a child.

Do you know Cremona? Is there something in particular that fascinates this city?
Cremona is a wonderful city, that I was lucky to visit. Cremona is of fundamental importance for the beautiful sound of its string instruments, which are one of the best Italian excellences.

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