Luca Deneys comes back to Cremona Musica with a selection of his finest musical intruments

Luc Deneys comes back to Cremona Musica with a selection of his finest musical intruments:

«I will show my latest work of 2016-2017. First I will show my third and wonderful 5-string Viola, 39,5 cm.  The first instrument I made like this was an order of Prof. Jenny Spanoghe. Several composers wrote music for this instrument and this Prize winning violonist.  Gian Paolo Luppi ( conserv. Bologna), Jan Van Landeghem (Conserv. Brussels), Claude Ledoux (Conserv. Paris) and many more wrote delightful contempory music. This instrument was also with photo in the Strad Magazine 2 years ago. Of course there is much to do about it. Thats why I made a third one to present to a larger public.

The next instrument I want to present is a 5-string Cello, with E-string. In the  year of the Cello at the Queen Elisabeth Competition I had to make an extraordinary instrument.   Instead of the scroll it has the head of a lion. Because of the power of a King.

The third instrument is a classical Cello , the upperdeck is made in “maschiattura” wood which looks beautiful!

At last I will bring 2 of my violins.  The superb warm sound and large projection, together with the fine varnish is where a Deneys Instrument is known for in circles of master violinists!

My workshop in Ghent is the oldest one in Belgium. It started  in 1874 . I took over the atelier in 1983.  Many violins, violas and cellos later I was asked to teach at the Ghent Royal Conservatorium. Now that I could go on my pension, I started a second workshop near Cremona ( 20 km) for research and development of string-instruments (Via Giuseppe Verdi 54 , San Lorenzo Aroldo –  fraz. Solarolo Rainerio).
My career started back in de seventies in Cremona, with Morassi and 40 years later I came back to Cremona.The circle is round.

Of course it’s time to come at the expo in Cremona. I know of course the organisation because I participated 2 times the expo in New York. With great success».