Four great novelties for PetzKolophonium Vienna

PetzKolophonium Vienna in getting ready for Cremona Musica 2017. Here an interview with some novelties.

What are the novelties you will present at Cremona Musica 2017?

«We show four new developed products

1. Moser Patent Mechanics for cello provides a flexible connection between the bridge and the bridges feet, ensuring a snug and durable fit on the body of the instrument.
Guarantees a noticeable improvement of the entire sound spectrum. This type of mechanics is known for bass bridge but now also available for cello.

2. KJK instrument stands are elegant, durable, very light and practical. No lateral slipping or falling over, therefore safe and recommended for valuable instruments.
Made in Austria of composite wood

3. Petz rosin for Gamba – especially designed for the requirements of antique instruments and their unique strings. Made in Vienna by natural components only.

4. Double-sided ceramic whetstones for highest demands. Lying in a permanent whaterbed, the stones are prompt applicable».

Why did you decide to participate at Cremona Musica 2017?

«As a company, targeted to the branch of bowed instruments and supplying wholesaler, violin maker and music shops in this branch, is the Cremona Musica an excellent opportunity to show new products and to be in touch with customers and colleagues. We have been exhibiting at this fair for a long time. The success of these presentations encourages us to continue this tradition in the future».