iClassical Academy – a new way of learning to play an instrument

Thanks to internet and Youtube, today many music students are used to look for performance suggestions and tricks on internet. But this is not always an effective solution, as the information and sources available online are various and could not be reliable. Of course, a real, live lesson with a great teacher cannot be replaced by an online research, but now there is a new resource that offers free videos of Master Classes held by great teachers. It is called iClassical Academy, and was founded by the Swiss patron Pierre Perrenoud. It is directed by Limor Akta and managed by Irma de Jong.
Any student or music lover can register for free on the website and have unlimited access to the several hundreds videos of master classes. The internal search engine consents to find the lessons closer to each one’s interests, searching by composer, teacher or instrument.
The videos are filmed in Israel (at the Jerusalem Music Centre and at the Raanana Music Centre) and in Italy, in the wonderful location of Villa Sandra at Lesa, Lake Maggiore, Italy, with two Steinway grand pianos. The quality is excellent, as well as the contents. (www.iclassical-academy.com)

Pierre Perrenoud will be among the active participants at the round table “Sponsoring Music”, on Sept. 30, 2016 at 2.30 pm. (http://www.cremonamusica.com/en/schedule/tavola-rotonda-finanziare-lo-spettacolo-sala-guarneri-del-gesu/)