Happy Cow Concert: will be better the Ravel Milk or the Schubert Milk?

  • There is a close link between milk production and the music listened by cows, it demonstrates a study by Leicester University           
  • CremonaFiere has organized a concert, hosted by the modern Cremonese barn of the Farm “Cantarane” owned by the Mondini family, to discover the effects of classical music on milk production
  • 3 renowned international musicians will play: Andreas Kern, Roberto Prosseda and Fabrizio Von Arx

Music and animal husbandry may seem two different worlds. However they have much more in common than you think. And not only because of many references to the bucolic world found in the classical music production, but also because of recent researches, such as the one by Leicester University in the UK, that aim to demonstrate that listening to classical music can have a positive impact on milk production.

CremonaFiere, organizer of two world leader events for handcrafted musical instruments and for animal husbandry, Cremona Mondomusica and Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions wanted to get a deeper look on this relationship, also because Cremona is both the Italian capital for the production of milk and the most important place for instrument making worldwide.

The project Happy Cow Concert involves three international renowned musicians: the piano players Andreas Kern and Roberto Prosseda, they have played for the performance a Steinway & Sons piano by the exhibitor of Piano Experience Strinasacchi, and the violinist Fabrizio Von Arx, that have been filmed during their musical performance not in front of an audience of people, but of cows.

“Usually I refuse to play in front of an audience that eats while listening, but I can make an exception for cows. Especially because they do not speak during a concert”, says Andreas Kern, a piano player and a German television conductor, also known as the inventor of innovative music formats, such as Pianocity and Piano Battle.

“It is a very serious experiment”, says Roberto Prosseda, “that reflects our belief that music is a heritage to be shared even by nature, and that can have beneficial effects in subjects that do not have a culture to understand its aware listening: like, for example, cows.”

The aim of the Happy Cow Concert is to focus the public and media attention on the importance of classical music, not only as an important aspect of our culture, but also being available to everyone, even who has not had the chance to listen to it or has not had the means to understand its contents. A video of the Happy Cow Concert will be shown in the coming weeks on the main online channels and on social networks.

Cremona is an excellent place both for musical production, of which it has a unique history in the world, from Monteverdi to Stradivarius, and for milk production, and in the breeding sector of dairy cattle.

Cremona Mondomusica (next edition, 25th-27th September 2015) and Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions (28th-31st October 2015) are two Events that allow CremonaFiere to be international leaders in their respective sectors, knowing that these two sectors are not completely separated but can be integrated, and can have amazing results.