Mondomusica and Cremona Pianoforte launch the “Cremona Music Award”

At Cremona fairgrounds from September 26 to 28. The award is divided into four categories: Execution, Composition, Communication and Project. This year the Prize winners will be Alfred Brendel, Michael Nyman, Norman Lebrecht and the FuturOrchestra.

Mondomusica and Cremona Pianoforte, with their rich programme of events, present every year a series of opportunities aimed at promoting the music culture which represents one of the most important objectives of both exhibitions.

Among this year’s news there is the creation of the Cremona Music Award, a prize recognizing the commitment of some renowned representatives and excellent projects to the diffusion of the music culture at global level. Each award category will correspond to a globally renowned figure of the music world:

“Execution” category – Prize winner: Alfred Brendel

Recognized as one of the major musicians of the 20th and 21st century, Alfred Brendel is globally renowned for his masterly interpretations of the works of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms and Liszt and is one of the indisputable authorities of the contemporary international music scene.

“Composition” category – Prize winner: Michael Nyman

He graduated at the Royal Academy of Music ad at the King’s College of London and after a first experience as a composer for the theatre he has distinguished himself for the production of soundtracks for several filmmakers. He has scored numerous films directed by P. Greenaway (the Draughtsman’s Contract in 1982; Prospero’s book in 1991) in which he combined elements of classical and avant-garde music, rock, pop and jazz. He has collaborated with P.Leconte and J. Campion (The Piano, 1993) and his repertoire includes works for chamber music ensembles, choirs and vocal groups. He has also worked at the modern version of music pieces by F. Händel and H. Purcell

“Communication” category – Prize winner: Norman Lebrecht

Cultural commentator and award-winning novelist, Normann Lebrecht has written 12 books about music which have been translated into 17 languages: the latest is “Why Maler?” a radical interpretation of the most influential composer of modern times that will soon become a film. A collection of Lebrecht articles was published in China in 2012, the first anthology of this type by a western cultural journalist. A Lebrecht piece appears every month in Standpoint, the famous cultural magazine, and he collaborates with the Sinfini website. Slipped disc, his blog, has become the world’s most-read cultural news site with over one million readers every month. Norman Lebrecht teaches at leading cultural institutions and universities.

“Project” category – Prize winner: FuturOrchestra

Created as an opportunity to emerge from a situation of social disadvantage, the Venezuelan project “El Sistema” by the Master Abreu is globally renowned as a real system of free musical education intended to be an effective tool to promote cultural and social integration. This experience, that produced important artists such as the conductors Gustavo Dudamel and Diego Matheuz, inspired the creation of the Italia FuturOrchestra, the orchestra of the Lombardy region of the Italian System of Infant and Youth Orchestras and Choirs supported by Claudio Abbado and considered one among the most important examples of its kind. It has been created in 2011 and is already famous for its many prestigious partnerships and participations to important social projects.